Rank Makers 90-Day Activity Tracker Journal - Hot Pink

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Have you Heard the "Fortune is in the Follow-Up" but you realize you flat out suck at Following up?!?

Are you RELIGIOUSLY writing down your Goals? When your company runs a contest, do you have a ready set of prospects to reach out to so that you WIN that contest?

Our 90 day journal helps with all three of those very important business steps AND a whole lot more...

IF you are managing your goals and follow ups with sticky notes or scraps of paper, your business will never grow to a large size because quite frankly you aren't treating it with the reverence it deserves.

It might shock you to find out that many of the people you originally prospected ended up joining a Network Marketing company but NOT yours because you failed to follow up, heck, some of them even joined YOUR company, but again, NOT with YOU!

You can eliminate all of those losses due to laziness and disorganization by using our custom made 90 day journal.

We custom created this to serve the modern network marketer and don't take my word for it, just check out the testimonials below.

The Power of Writing your Goals

In the 90 day journal there are entries to write your daily AND your weekly goals.

You've probably heard you should write down your goals but are you actually doing it and do you know the importance of it?

A 1979 Harvard MBA study tracked graduates and their practice of writing down their goals.

84% were not writing their goals or had any goals, 13% were writing their goals but had no concrete plans and 3% were writing their goals AND had a plan.

10 years later those who were writing their goals were making twice the income of those who weren't and the 3% were making ten times more than the rest of the class!

IF this little journal JUST gets you to write your goals down more, you WILL make your investment back BIG TIME.

Oh, and by the way, as you buy these throughout the year, hold onto them as they become money printing machines!

The next time your company has a contest, simply reach on your bookshelf and follow back up with the prospects who didn't buy, your upline may reach out to you to see what the heck you are doing to crush it!