Rank Makers - 1 Month Gift Card


How would you like to share the gift of Rank Makers with a fellow teammate, friend, or even upline? Now you can!

When you purchase this gift card, you'll receive a unique code via the email address you use to checkout.

You can then copy the link or code in that email and send it to whoever you'd like.

They will be able to use their gift card here on our Rank Makers shop to purchase a Rank Makers subscription.

See instructional video below:

Optional Swipe Message: (you can use this to send to your recipient)

*remember to replace the  {COPY AND PASTE CODE HERE} with the actual code you receive.

_ _ _ _

Subject: I just gifted you Rank Makers for 1 month

_ _ _ _

Hey there {name},

I just got your a gift card for 1 month free of Rank Makers.

I can't wait to see you inside the group!

Here's the instructions on how to use the gift card:

1. Head over to: higdongroup.com/rmgifted

2. Click Add to Cart on the product and proceed to check out.

3. In the "discount code" area, enter this code: {COPY AND PASTE CODE HERE}

You may be asked for credit card information still, but you won't be charged anything because the code is 100% off the first month.

After that, you'll be sent a few reminders at the end of the 30 days to let you know how to renew your membership.

Can't wait to see you inside!

To your success,