**NEW & UPDATED VERSION* Social Media Little Book of Scripts


*NEW & UPDATED VERSION on English version only*

Ever struggle with what to say to a prospect on Social Media? Or perhaps you are scared to even reach out to people because you have no idea where to start or what you are doing?

Ever get hit with something you just weren't prepared for like a "Thumbs up Emoji" or a common objection such as "I buy it from a friend already", "I can't afford it" or they want to know how much YOU are making with it?

Too often well-intentioned Network Marketers are knocked out of the game by these simple to overcome objections and we are here to help!

Introducing the World's Easiest to Use and Most Portable Social Media Scripts Pocket Guide!

Never again get stumped with people saying it is overpriced or people telling you they are ready to sign up just to perform a disappearing act like they are now in a Witness protection program, all of these (and a whole lot more) become easy when you are armed with the Social Media Scripts Pocket guide!

This beautiful, sexy little black book fits in almost any purse or back pocket and is high quality, full color and VERY easy to navigate. Check out the pictures of a sample of what is on the inside.

This is PERFECT to snag a few of to reward your teammates or just help them feel more loved and better equipped to overcome their Social Media messaging awkwardness or unsureness.

Never get stuck on what to say with this handy field guide.

Grab this lil' guide today to march toward your Social Media Stardom and to Finally start getting the results you've been wishing for!

The Social Media Scripts Pocket Guide:

  • Is Super Easy to Navigate and Use
  • Is Clear, Concise and Tells you EXACTLY what to Say
  • Will Instantly Boost your Confidence by Now Knowing How to Handle your Prospects Easily

Your upline will be calling YOU to find out what the heck you have been doing when you start getting so many customers and reps through social media, you can choose to share OR it can be our little secret!

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